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Cloud Compute

CPU Optimized

Virtual Dedicated Servers

Virtualized Dedicated Servers with high-performance CPU cores.

Bare Metal Server
The Netherlands
Dutch Quality

Our infrastructure is located in The Netherlands, spread over multiple locations. It is one of the best-connected countries.

High Performance

Our servers are equipped with high-performance AMD Epyc & Ryzen and Intel Xeon processors to ensure low load averages.

NVM Express
NVMe Storage

Very quick loading times and high IOPS ensure your website or application is always fast.


2 Core
€ 39,99
4 GB memory
2 vCPU
50 GB NVMe storage
Unlimited transfer
Most Popular
4 Core
€ 79,99
8 GB memory
4 vCPU
100 GB NVMe storage
Unlimited transfer
8 Core
€ 159,99
16 GB memory
8 vCPU
200 GB NVMe storage
Unlimited transfer
16 Core
€ 319,99
32 GB memory
16 vCPU
400 GB NVMe storage
Unlimited transfer
Instant Setup
Secure Payment
Scale in a few clicks
2.5 Gbps network
32 Core
€ 639,99
64 GB memory
32 vCPU
800 GB NVMe storage
Unlimited transfer
AMD Epyc & Ryzen
High Performance CPUs

AMD Epyc & Ryzen

Your virtual server is backed by High-Performance AMD Epyc and/or Intel Xeon CPUs giving you the best performance there is!

Full KVM virtualisation

We use KVM full kernel virtualization on our platform. This gives your server more security and performance.

Resize in a few cliks

Is your server using the maximum resources? You can upgrade the resources any time you want.

Large Choice of Operating Systems

We support more than 10 operating systems on our platform and have the latest versions available.
NVMe SSD storage
6x faster than solid state drives

NVMe SSD storage

Your server is backed by an extremely fast NVMe SSD giving a 6 times performance increase over traditional SSDs.


Control your server's screen, keyboard, and mouse with Virtual Network Computing (VNC). Useful when setting up a custom OS.

2.5 Gbps uplink

CPU Optimized servers have a premium 2.5 Gbps up/down network connection. Our normal Cloud Servers have just 1 Gbps up/down.

Automated OS Installer

Servers can be reinstalled via the automated OS installer. The installation status updates in real-time.

Reverse DNS

Quickly configure the reverse domain name of your IP addresses for example your mail or dns server.

SSH Keys

Securely and quickly log in to your server with your SSH key.
Frequently Asked Questions

Questions & Answers

Yes, you can! You can upgrade your vps package any time you want within our client area. Downgrading is not possible to prevent data loss.

Yes, Adult content is allowed.

Yes, you can order additional IP addresses during the order process. If you want more than the configurator allows, contact our support.

We only offer Linux based operating systems such as: CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, OpenSUSE. You can upload your own ISO if you wish.

A virtual dedicated server is a virtualized physical server used for hosting websites and software applications. It gives more flexibility as opposed to installing the operating system on the bare metal itself.

Resources are allocated dedicated to each customer and only a limited number of neighbors is on the same server as opposed to standard virtual servers where there are more neighbors on the same server.

You can host as many websites as you like on a virtual machine but as each website needs resources (CPU, memory, disk) this amount is limited by the plan.

We do not take backups of customer's virtual servers. This is your own responsibility. To make backups, you can dump your MySQL database, download files manually or use built-in tools in control panels like cPanel and DirectAdmin.


Our servers are across multiple datacenters in The Netherlands.