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Terms of Service

Last updated: 01-04-2023

The Terms of Service are applicable to all our services and are accepted when creating an account with us and each time when placing an order.

Our Terms of Service can be downloaded here:

Acceptable Use Policy

Last updated: 01-04-2023

At Phanes Cloud, we take a zero-tolerance approach towards any activities and/or content that violate our AUP. We are committed to ensuring a safe and secure platform for all of our customers. The Acceptable Use Policy is a part of our Terms of Service under Article 15.

The following activities and/or content are strictly prohibited on our platform
Sending email spam and unsolicited messages
Conducting (D)DoS attacks, controlling botnets, or managing (D)DoS networks/attacks
Running a TOR entry, relay, or exit node without setting up a Reverse DNS (PTR) record that contains the customer's contact details
Engaging in scamming or theft activities
Infringing on any copyright or trademark laws
Conducting port scanning activities
Attempting to gain unauthorized access to services or accounts using brute force techniques
Conducting phishing activities
Hosting, sharing or distributing child pornography
The following conditions apply
It is important to note that any activities and/or content that are prohibited by Dutch law are also not allowed on our platform.
Phanes Cloud has the right to suspend and/or terminate the customer's service at any time if a (suspected) violation of our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) has occurred. We may also charge administration costs of 17,50 EUR for this.
Furthermore, the customer must immediately cease any prohibited activities and/or remove any prohibited content upon receiving a notification from Phanes Cloud. In addition, the customer must respond to any abuse cases within 12 hours. Failure to respond or take action will result in the immediate termination of the service without issuing a refund or handing over (possible) backups.
If a violation of our AUP occurs, customer details such as name, email, payment metadata, and IP addresses will be reported to the fraud databases of our partners.